About Us

Who we are ?

NJ Enterprises   is a Leading Manufacturer & supplier of Finest Quality Surgical, Dental, Ent Diagnostic, Orthopedic, Cosmetics & Surgery Instruments based in Sialkot, Pakistan.


What we do ?

We offers More than 10000 Single Use & Re-usable Instruments for Health Insdustry (Cardiac, Vascular, Neurosurgery, Urology, Gynecology, Otology, Dermatology, Rhinology, Traumatology, Thoracic, Orthopedics, Tracheotomy, Liver, Gastrointestinal Surgery Oral Surgery, Spinal Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Microsurgery and General Surgeries & also Surgical Hollowares.

How we started ?

We started the business in 1990 as a small local manufacturing unit and being as a small unit there were a lot of chalenges to face with them but we were determined with a solid Mission to compete in the market and to grow up in the field to meet the international demands of Health Professionals hence our Strong Dedication, Hard work and Craftmanship makes us proud that we gained a leading position in the market and our team of professionals contributed a tremendous role in acheiving the great success in the business growth from local market to international level.


We are OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) So Achieving & Maintaining the highest quality requirements needs a good mixture of tradition and innovation therefore, our Human Expertise, Latest Technology & Modern Machinery is producing state of the art premium quality products to the utmost precision to meet the demands of our valuable customers.


We are committed to manufacture & supply high quality products made with high Grade Stainless Steel materials and we are well equipped for both simple and comprehensive instruments and guarantee the high precision with short delivery times.


We have implemented and maintained a Quality Management System to deliver advanced and high-quality Medical Instruments to the Hospitals, Clinics, Laboratories & on the other hand side instruments for Beauty Industry.

Customer Services

If you have any questions about our products or cannot find any product or information you're looking for on our website, please feel free to get in touch via contact us option.

Engineer Akif Javaid